Thank you our sponsors for a successful fun day

Yesterday was an amazing day. With the help from our sponsors we hosted over 100 children from three orphanages.
Thank you:
  • Pepsi Zimbabwe
  • Mash Treats
  • Vainah Chickens
  • Primacy Security
  • Honey Badger Consulting
  • Danger Club (Mashwede)
  • Nhau News
  • Vital Foods
  • Blue Star
  • Reverend Emma
  • Optimum Sounds
  • Billpay Pvt Ltd
  • ZTA
  • Uncle Brian
And the amazing staff at Greenwood Park who worked tirelessly to help the children create awesome memories.

About Greenwood Park
Greenwood Park is an entertainment park for children. It is located just outside the central business district of Harare. The target audience is children, families, schools, creches, nurseries and any organisation the brings children together.

For more details, contact:
+263 784 564 584 | | Cnr Herbert Chitepo Avenue & 7th Street, Harare